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Daily Herald 2016 Fittest Loser Challenge Recap

fittest_loser_logoIn May, Lifespan Brands participated in the Daily Herald (a Chicago suburbs newspaper) Fittest Loser Finale Event. Detecto® was the official scale for the weight loss competition. We provided scales for the groups and as prizes for some of the winners, and also gave out some LAVA® Lamps. Congratulations to all of the participants, who were all winners for losing!


This year’s competition had a record number of participants in the 12-week At Work Challenge, in which teams of employees from 57 companies worked together on exercise and diet programs to lose weight. The “Pounds for Blue” team from the Hanover Park, IL Police Department won the most percentage of weight lost at 10.33% and a total of 116 pounds. The team won several prizes and donated their winnings of $2,000.00 to the Special Olympics and War Dog Memorial funds. Team captain George Sullivan said, “This has opened our eyes to our unhealthy lifestyle and we will continue to live a healthier lifestyle.”

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Coming in second was the “Schaumburg Shredders” from the Schaumburg, IL Park District, with a total of 9.86% body weight lost (146.5 pounds). Two teams tied for third place, both losing just over 7% of their combined body weight: “The Waist Eliminators” from TWE Inc. and “Withering Away” from Clearbrook. All of the teams were encouraged to take advantage of some free offerings of event sponsors, such as workout sessions at Orangetheory Fitness, an indoor 5K run, nutrition counseling and at-work webinars on wellness and nutrition.


For the individuals contest, the Daily Herald picked 6 participants from the Chicago area to compete in the 12-week weight loss challenge that included 3 workout sessions and a boot camp with their assigned a personal trainers from Push Fitness. Each contestant also received information and counseling on the Push Fitness diet that includes five healthy meals daily emphasizing protein, vegetables and select carbohydrates.


mel talkThe winner of the individual competition was Mel Boldt of Rolling Meadows, IL, who lost an impressive 73 pounds (21.47% of his body weight), along with 12 inches off his waist. His BMI (body mass index) dropped from 44.8 to 35.2. As Mel stepped off the scale for his final weigh-in, he commented, “I’ve been living on protein shakes and kale. I’m dying for pizza!” All of that hard work paid off, and a small celebration treat is definitely deserved, but Mel and the other contestants plan to continue their healthier eating and exercise habits throughout their lives.

Coming in at second place was Kathy Couston, who lost 43 pounds (20.87% of her total body weight), reduced her BMI from 37.7 to 29.8 and lost 7 inches off her waist line. And in a very close third place was Jiten Patel, who lost 63 pounds (20.86% of his total body weight), reduced his BMI from 43.3 to 34.3 and lost 11 inches from his waist.  

The overall theme of the competition and finale event was optimism. Contestants were determined and remained positive throughout the toughest workouts, and at their weakest moments of temptation. The celebration event created an inspiring and positive feeling for all attendees, even those in the crowd who did were not competitors. Event leaders, doctors, training coaches and participants all gave motivational talks about the importance of good nutrition, regular exercise and a support system of positivity and encouragement. Contestants became emotional when sharing their stories of struggles and triumphs in the gym, while explaining how thankful they are to have more time to spend with their families. Audience members walked away from the ceremony feeling so happy for the contestants and their families; and truly inspired to practice better eating and workout habits for an overall healthier lifestyle. It was a huge success for the Daily Herald and they look forward to another great competition next year.

Individual Mel reflected as he picked up his youngest daughter, “I actually lost this much weight.” He added, “I could not have accomplished this without the Push Fitness trainers keeping me on track. I want to be a better role model for my children. Regardless of final numbers, we are all winners, not losers. We’ve won better health and more days with family and friends.”

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