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The Detecto® Bluetooth Connected Scale Is Here


Using Bluetooth technology, the iConnectTM scale connects wirelessly to mobile phones and other smart devices. Using our innovative APP, there is no longer any need to keep logs, notes or journals of your statistics. Now you can graph, analyze and send your vital measurements to your friends or healthcare providers with the click of a button.

The iConnectTM scale and APP make staying on track easy with all of your info in the palm of your hand. Set a weight goal and the APP will let you know how close you are to achieving your goal every time you step on the scale.

Bring medical accuracy home with the Detecto® Bluetooth Connected Body Fat Scale. The iConnectTM smart scale measures your weight, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), body water, muscle mass, bone mass, calorie predictor and athlete mode to provide you with a full analysis of your weight management trends. This Bluetooth scale helps you reach your fitness goals by allowing you to store data and analyze it in your smart phone weekly, monthly or yearly. This scale easily pairs with both iPhones and Android phones. The free health APP is available in the Google Play store and in the APP store.

The scale allows up to 8 users to store info in the scale – perfect for families or sports teams. The APP allows you to set a weight goal and it will track your progress every day on your way to that goal. The calorie predictor function allows you to see how many calories you should consume if you are trying to lose, maintain or gain weight. The APP also allows you to share your info by Twitter, Facebook and email – this is great for people who are in support groups or have work out buddies. You can also share your data with your doctor – the APP allows you to export your data into an excel spreadsheet that can be emailed to your doctor. The spreadsheet shows your daily data in an easy to read format. If you already have an iPhone and utilize the Apple Health APP, the Detecto® iConnectTM APP will sync to your Apple Health APP, allowing you to only use one APP but still track all of your health data.


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Paper Chain Workout


Here’s another fun way to create different workouts every day: the Paper Chain Workout.

Similar to the Spell a Word Workout, you can customize this activity to your own likes and needs. It’s also a fun way to get the kids moving and creative while working different muscle groups to strengthen and build endurance.

Write down workouts on strips of paper. For short, quick activities: 10 minute walk, 20 jumping jacks, 30 sit ups, 10 dips, etc. Or, for a longer daily exercise plan, make the activities longer or more intense: 30 minute walk, 5 mile bike ride, 20 minute elliptical workout, etc. You pick the exercises and intensity as well as the number of links on your chain. You could use 30 links for a month-long goal, or even longer. Pick 5 links per day using short activities; or pick one per day for the bigger routines.

If you are working toward a specific goal, increase the activities by small increments each day. For example, let’s say you entered a 5K run coming up in 2 months. To build endurance for this run, you can set up a 60 link chain.

  • Start on the first link with a 3K walk, then 3.5K, then 4K, then 5K, etc.
  • The next phase could be to insert some jogging: walk 4K/jog 1K, walk 3K/jog 2K, walk 2K/jog 3K, walk 1K/jog 4K, jog 5K.
  • Finally, start doing some running: jog 4K/run 1K, jog 3K/run 2K, jog 2K/run 3K, jog 1K/run 4K.

And then before you know it, you’re running 5 K! You’ve reached your goal and exercised through all of the links on your paper chain.

Of course, you can make the paper chain fit your own fitness level. If you’re doing it as a family activity with younger kids, is best to keep the exercises short, easy and fun. If you’re a seasoned athlete, you can still set goals and make the workouts harder to fill your fitness level needs. You set the pace and find exercises that you like to keep yourself motivated.

Have fun with this paper chain workout!



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Spell a Word Workout

Here’s a fun way to squeeze in a quick workout to target different muscles and keep things fresh! The Spell a Word Workout:


In the above example, you would do:

D = 10 push ups

E = 40 jumping jacks

T = 10 leg lifts

E = 40 jumping jacks

C = 20 tricep dips with chair

T = 10 leg lifts

O = 15 squats with toes out

F = 15 seconds of arm circles

U = 3 minute wall sit

N = 10 burpees

This is a great way to change up your exercises and avoid boredom with repeated movements. It’s also a fun way to get the kids involved! Have them pick the word – maybe their name or favorite sports team – and figure out which exercises you’ll do. You can repeat the words or change it up every time.

You can also change the exercises on the list – make it your own with your favorite moves and some new ones. Once you get good at the times and reps on your list, increase those numbers in small increments to step up your game. No equipment is needed, so you can do this workout anywhere.

Switching up your exercise routine is not only a great way to work different muscle groups, but it also keeps you motivated. Make your workouts fun!

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Yoga Poses in China

Tiffany Vargas, Product Manager at Lifespan Brands and yoga instructor, recently visited China and struck some impressive poses for the camera. Jennifer Courington, VP of Marketing & Product Development, captured these great shots. Where ever you travel, whether sight seeing or on the job, Tiffany shows us how to create a workout and incorporate our favorite types of exercise into the day!







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A Moving Workout

covered in boxes

Over the past month I have been packing up my house and getting ready to move to a new home in a nearby town. With work, kids and all of the paperwork required to sell one house and buy another, I have been super busy and exhausted. This leaves very little time to squeeze in a workout.

So, I thought about ways that I could be productive for the move and get some exercise.

Carrying boxes up and down stairs is easily as good of a workout as a weights class at the gym. My arms, shoulders, quads and calf muscles were fatigued after few hours of work; and I did this for several days.


Before boxing up my free weights, I did a few reps of tricep curls and shoulder extensions to fit in some toning on the muscles that probably didn’t get as much of a workout with the boxes.

Of course, when you list your house on the market, you have to declutter and reorganize for open houses and showings. I also had to sell some other furniture that wouldn’t fit in the new house. I helped people who bought the furniture carry it down the stairs and to their cars. So that was a little exercise.

To make the basement look bigger and less cluttered, I had to move my treadmill out of the basement and into the garage. That thing was heavy and did not fold up. It was a struggle, but moving it definitely burned some calories that day. Throughout the month, I piled heavy moving boxes up in the garage – some on top of the treadmill. I know that’s terrible, since I then couldn’t use it. But I tried to take more walks outside to replace the treadmill. I like to walk outside when the weather is good anyway. Eventually, I realized that my treadmill would never fit down the stairs at my new house, or even through the doors. So there would be nowhere to put it. I had to move the boxes off the treadmill to take photos and sell it. I was not happy to get rid of it, but didn’t have a choice. I found a gym around the corner of the new house, so I plan to get a membership there once I’m settled. That will be a good way to meet people in the new town also.


It may bad to admit it, but cleaned a lot more often than usual while house was on the market. Yes, it was lazy of me to let things go a little too long without cleaning before, but… Over the last few months I scrubbed floors and bathrooms, vacuumed, cleaned windows and dusted almost every day. Though those things may not seem like an official workout, they’re better than sitting on the couch and bingeing on Orange Is the New Black!

I was so happy to be all packed up and leave the old house, but had to hire movers to move the big furniture. The amount of heavy things those moving guys could stack up and carry was amazing! They used this long strap to put under furniture, enabling them to move things up and down the stairs with a better, stronger grip. They piled 4 and 5 boxes up with the strap under the bottom box and could carry all of them in one trip. It was like they were doing squats, bending at their knees to avoid back injuries. I was proud of myself for carrying 1 of those boxes! One guy even carried a super heavy safe all alone. I was sure he would need another guy but he did it himself. They definitely got a good workout. And they do it 5 or 6 times per week.

Two days later, we did it all over again to unload at the new house. The good news was that this house had less stairs. I have still been making a lot of trips up and down them though. And to stretch the aching muscles and relieve some stress after the move, I did a couple of yoga videos.

So the next time you feel guilty because your busy schedule kept you from exercising, consider what activities you’ve done. Maybe you really were exercising, but just not in the usual way. Maybe you were walking a lot at a theme park or swimming on vacation; or maybe your job is really physical like the moving company workers. So many activities burn calories, build muscle and create an aerobic workout. Take a look at your fitness tracker to compare days and think about your activities. You may have burned more calories than you thought!

By Tami Craig


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Staying in Shape on Vacation



I was very excited for my vacation to Puerto Rico as I had heard some amazing things about it.  I booked a hotel in Old San Juan so that I could be in the charming older part of Puerto Rico with the beautiful architecture and the vibrancy of the city. 

I didn’t check to see if the hotel had a gym before I booked it.  Imagine my panic when one week out from my trip I decide to check out the amenities one more time and discovered that the hotel did not have a gym! So instead of working out every morning like I do at home, I decided to try out some new ways to work out while on vacation. 

We went to the jungle and hiked up a mountain. It was really tough, especially in the summer high temperature and humidity, but once I got up to the top the view was amazing! I was proud of myself for pushing through the heat and exhaustion. 


We rented bikes and rode around a little beach town. Riding a bike is a great way to check out a new area. Instead of taking a bus tour, we went on a walking tour of Old San Juan with a tour group, which is another fun and active way to explore the city. 


We wanted to see the bioluminescent bay, but instead of taking a boat we decided to kayak! I had only been kayaking once before and it is a lot harder than it looks! We were so close to the water – it was really magical! 

This trip really helped me re-think the ways we can all work out. It doesn’t have to be structured or in a gym! I did physical activity every day of my vacation so I stayed in shape and had a blast doing it!

By Jennifer Courington

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The Pokémon Go Craze Really Does Get You Going

4_pokes_outsideAbout a week ago, the Pokémon Go app was released and it seems to have taken over the world. Look around as you shop at the grocery store, ride your bike around the park, walk through the mall or just stop at Starbucks for a coffee. You’ll see people blindly following their phones around, or groups of people huddled around a landmark or statue. They’re almost certainly playing Pokémon Go and are taking advantage of Poké stops, gymnasiums or lures in the area.

In the game, Poké hunters use the GPS on their phones to search for Pokémon (the digital version of the creatures on the Pokémon card and video games). The good and healthy new twist is that you actually have to get outside and walk to find the Pokémon. There are 151 different Pokémon in the game, so trying to find them all could turn into miles of exercise. Players are rewarded for walking further and exploring new areas of their cities as new Pokémon pop up. They can collect candy, power up to get stronger for battles in the gym and evolve Pokémon for more power, all gained by walking more. They earn Poké balls and Poké eggs with new Pokémon creatures at Poké stops. The more walking it takes to hatch the egg, the more rare and exciting the Pokémon. 

IMG_5372As a mom of two kids who love to watch TV and play video games, I love this craze. My 12-year-old son and his Poké Squad are so into Poké hunting, going to the Poké gym and racing to Poké stops that they don’t even realize how far they’ve walked. Or run. The group of about 10 kids meets at a Poké stop, drops a lure or maybe some incense to attract Pokémon, and collects as many as they can before running off to the next stop. They race to beat each other to the best spots. They go just a little further for more Poké balls. They actually choose to be active outside! My son walked more than eight miles in the first week. That’s huge for him. And he loves it. The added bonus is that he can walk the dog while doing it!

My 15-year-old daughter and I also had a great time playing this weekend. Poké stops and Pokémon popped up at the mini golf course, movie theatre, restaurants, town fountains, landmarks, statues and practically everywhere. Part of the fun is grabbing a picture of the Poké guys in AR mode, so the character looks like he’s sitting on someone’s head or walking down the street with us. It was funny to see crowds of people playing everywhere; and it even prompted laughs and conversations with strangers. It actually gets people into old fashioned face-to-face socializing with real live people instead talking through screens.


Exercise is not the only benefit of this craze; it’s about socializing with friends and getting outside, even if kids don’t realize it. Not since Wii Fit has a video game gotten people so enthusiastic about being active. The competitive urge to walk just a little further for that new Pokémon is like the addictive need to play a few more minutes of a favorite video game. But, this addiction gets kids, teens and adults active in a new fun way. I hope my kids keep playing Pokémon Go for a long time. Or maybe they’ll just realize that they like getting fresh air and being more active after chasing cyber creatures around.

So if you’re curious, you can download the free app to see what the hype is all about. But be careful, you could become addicted very quickly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, because it truly does make you want to go. Happy Poké hunting!

By Tami Craig

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Key Body Measurement Definitions


Feel a little lost at the gym or with your trainer when they start talking about BMI and bone mass and total calorie intake? Here the basics, so you can follow the conversation and figure out what your numbers mean. Then, you can go a step further and come up with some goals for those numbers!

And of course, our Detecto Body Fat scales provide these numbers for you!



Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation used to determine your level of body fat. It can help a doctor determine your overall fitness and your risk of developing chronic diseases.


Bone Mass

Our Body Fat Scales estimate the weight of non-living bone mineral content. This is important for monitoring and maintaining healthy bones through exercise and calcium-rich diet.


Ideal Calorie Intake

The Calorie predictor function estimate the number of calories required based on your body composition and user entered personal data. This tool can be used as a guide when setting calorie goals during weight loss and exercise programs.


Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass helps strengthen connective tissues, which increases bone density. By doing this, you’re reducing your risk for injury, and your chance of getting osteoporosis later in life. The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate.


Body Fat

Weight change in itself does not indicate whether it was the weight of body fat or muscle that had changed. It is desirable that muscles mass be maintained while body fat is lost. Monitoring the percentage of fat in the body is important for successful weight management and body health.


Body Water

Water is an essential component of the body and its level is one of the health indicators. Water makes up approximately between 50-70% of the body’s weight. Water gives form to cells, helps maintain body temperature, provides moisture to skin and mucosa, cushions vital organs, lubricates joints and is a component of many body fluids.

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Home vs. Gym Workouts

Jen home gym

I have been a member of my gym for 8 years now. I always thought working out in the morning wasn’t for me. But then I started to notice that I would work late or meet friends after work and I was exercising less and less. On a business trip, I decided to start working out first thing in the morning and was hooked! I get up at 5 am and get right to it. This works out great in the spring and summer, but in Chicago winters it is really hard to go out in the snow.

So I made a decision last fall to start my own home gym. I got a few key pieces that would help me stay on track: an elliptical machine, free weights, a bench, a yoga mat, a bosu ball and a mirror. Now in the winter I can roll out of bed and go down to my basement to hit “Jen’s Gym.” This has made such a difference in my life. I kept my gym membership to use on weekends and during spring, summer and fall since it has fun classes like Zumba and sculpt. The important thing I learned through this process is to try different things and find out what exercises and times work for me!

Here are some things to consider when deciding between a gym membership and home gym:

  • Is the cost of a gym membership worth it?
  • Will you use the gym enough to get your money’s worth?
  • Do you enjoy classes like Zumba, spin, yoga, etc?
  • Will the cost of the gym and having gym instructors and workout buddies motivate you to exercise?
  • Do you have space in your house for a home gym?
  • Do you prefer to workout in the privacy of your own home?
  • Is it easier to exercise at home rather than drive to a gym?
  • Will that home convenience motivate you to continue exercising?
  • Do you prefer to exercise outdoors? If yes, can you exercise outside for most of the year?


By Jennifer Courington