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Spooky Foods & Halloween Treats

party_2Sometimes you have to allow yourself to have a little fun, ignore the pangs of guilt and indulge in some treats! At the Lifespan Brands pot luck Halloween party, we did just that! Everyone brought in spooky-themed dishes and treats to share: zombie eyeballs, egg roll mummies, a knife-impaled jiggly jello brain with spiders crawling out of it, a coffin-shaped bread bowl with spinach dip, witch’s bean brew, deviled spider eggs, a ton of sweet candies, cookies, pumpkin cupcakes and much more!

party_1We found an eerie playlist with theme songs from scary Halloween movies and haunted houses to set the mood.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, no one was willing to show off their dance skills, so there was not flash mob doing the Thriller dance! And we didn’t dress up either – we were to focused on food to think about costumes.


While we did have some fruits and veggies, we all probably ate too much – and then went home to be tempted by even more candy. The plan was to take our kids trick-or-treating for hours to burn off all of the food. Time to get back on track with healthier eating before more holiday parties through the end of the year!


Happy Halloween from the Lifespan Brands squad!